02 Mar

Understanding Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Understanding Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and How

People have different journeys to take and different challenges to overcome. We may not be on the same level of sufferings but the truth is, we all need support for us to conquer every single hardship that we face. Each of us needs to have a support system where we can feel that we are not alone in fighting our life’s difficulties.
We may heard a lot of things about diseases that causes people not to have the usual life they have expected where it gives them big challenges to face every single day of their life. People with hard to overcome illnesses really tests their hopes and faith. We can consider them to be one of the strongest individuals for they can still see life as a happy and fulfilling one, despite the fact that they are in difficult situations.

We are lucky if we do not have any disease and if you are aware of the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is known in letting a person have a hypermobile or double jointed along with the stretchy skin, you will understand the hitches that patient feels. Also, individuals having this kind of condition will suffer stretching of the ligaments where it will lead to easy torn and dislocation of ligaments, hypermobility, stretched organs, bulged blood vessels, low muscle tone, prolapse and floppy heart valves, poor balance and many other complications. So, what can we do? How can we help people with this kind of condition, especially if one of the patients is one of our loved ones?

Since people are becoming more aware of EDS, many organizations or foundations are helping individuals to fight against this lifelong disease and one of the amazing foundation that greatly supports EDS patients is the Andrea Foundation for EDS where they continuously support and gives new hope for the patients. The foundation now has different supporters which volunteers or gives donations for the different diagnoses and treatments of the disease. They greatly encourages those with a kind heart to provide sponsorship for the EDS patients to lengthen their lives and to make them believe that it is best to hope that they will overcome the disease.

Even we can give our support for the individuals with EDS in our own simple way and here are some of the ways how we show our care and support to them.

Learn all the things you can learn about the EDS. By learning the necessary information about the disease, you will be able to give sympathy to what an EDS patient is experiencing. Through this, you will know how you are going to treat you loved ones and let him/her share what he/she feels about having the condition.

Communicate with the EDS patients. Your support in the daily life of an EDS patient is highly required. You must provide them with proper guidance on how he/she will handle the reality. You must learn how to listen to his/her needs and when the time comes that he/she feels depressed, try to listen and give him/her hope that everything will still be possible.

Show your love and support. It is not easy for an EDS patient to accept his/her condition. So, it is important for you to show your love and tell him/her that you will give your full support to them. Also, as he/she will feel loved and supported, he/she will have the courage to fight EDS.


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